Infrastructure and Support committee seeks ideas for Strategic Plan seed grants

November 30, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State community members, including faculty and staff, have been invited to submit ideas for pilot projects that are aimed at fulfilling the mission of the University's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan to advance innovation, research, learning and engagement at the University and beyond. Proposals for the fourth cycle for RFP submissions for the Strategic Plan are due by Jan. 31, 2019; the call for grant proposals was made in early November.

In advance of the January deadline, the Infrastructure and Support (I&S) Implementation Subcommittee welcomes ideas for projects that contribute to Penn State’s Strategic Plan in terms of the University’s land, buildings and equipment.

Concept paper deadline: Dec. 10

Participants may submit ideas in the form of a concept paper, as outlined below, by Monday, Dec. 10. The committee will provide feedback after reviewing all documentation. Some ideas may be invited to prepare a more developed proposal for potential funding that will be allocated after January 2019.

This opportunity is provided by the I&S Steering Committee as an opportunity to receive preparatory feedback before participants begin crafting a detailed concept paper proposal. While this opportunity for a pre-review is highly recommended, submitting a concept paper is not a requirement. Proposals may be submitted for the next proposal cycle deadline without submitting the concept paper earlier.

Concept paper guidelines

The concept paper should be prepared according to the outline below and should not exceed a single page.

  • Name of author of proposal, department or campus, and email:
  • Title of proposal:
  • The concept: Summarize in a 100- to 150-word paragraph what you propose to do and how the proposed project would align with the academic infrastructure to support the University’s mission and vision. Examples of proposals that have been funded to date can be found at
  • Implementation: In a 100- to 150-word paragraph, outline who your Penn State partners in this project will be. Note the criteria that will be used to rate proposals refers to the involvement in partnership with more than one college, campus or unit; as well as the ability to involve multiple collaborators.

Process and timeline

Please email your concept paper, prepared according to the above guidelines, to the committee’s administrative coordinator, Hannah Halter, at by 5 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 10, 2018.

The I&S Steering Committee will invite full proposals that clearly address how the proposed project contributes to the University’s strategic plan, with particular attention to the I&S goals. The committee discourages concept paper proposals that represent work typically within the remit of individual departments, colleges or campuses; and research proposals traditionally funded by external agencies.

About the Strategic Plan initiative seed grants

During the past year, the University has awarded seed grant funding for 22 pilot projects designed to implement the University’s 2016-20 Strategic Plan. The proposals for cycle 3 are under review and awards will be communicated in December. More detailed information on the request-for-proposal submission process is available on the Strategic Plan RFP website.

Participants with initiative ideas under other themes and supporting elements are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate Steering Committee chairs to determine if their ideas are appropriate for strategic initiative funding and to develop their ideas prior to submission. Proposals that have been funded to date can be found at

Last Updated September 04, 2020