New Mini-THON partnership aims to expand student leadership opportunities

November 09, 2018

HERSHEY, Pa. -- Four Diamonds Mini-THON and the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils (PASC) have announced a strategic partnership to expand leadership opportunities and benefits for their students and schools by uniting in their shared goals of empowering students, developing leaders and inspiring acts of service. The partnership supports both organizations and their missions by cultivating relationships, sharing resources and engaging middle and high school students through philanthropy and community service.

Four Diamonds Mini-THONs are multi-hour, fun-filled events organized by student leaders. These leaders recruit fellow students to participate in fundraising activities, organization meetings and events to inspire and empower the entire school community to rally behind the mission of conquering childhood cancer. Dollars raised by Mini-THONs support childhood cancer research and the discovery of better, more effective treatments, and to ensure that every child treated for cancer at Penn State Children’s Hospital has no out-of-pocket costs for their families.

During the 2017-2018 school year, 90,000 student volunteers hosted 283 Mini-THONs at schools across the country, raising more than $7 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

Student Council leaders throughout Pennsylvania are invited to join this powerful movement to conquer childhood cancer. Here’s how students can make a difference:

  • Start a Four Diamonds Mini-THON at their school.
  • Support an existing Mini-THON at their school or in the community.
  • Raise awareness and fundraise for Mini-THON.

“Mini-THON brings our community together to work for a great cause,” said Carly Rodriguez, Student Council vice president at Boyertown Area Senior High. “Schools, businesses and members of the community alike donate their time, effort and resources in order to raise thousands of dollars that goes to helping fight pediatric cancer.”

Kelsey Thayer, Student Council president at Boyertown Area Senior High, says Mini-THON “shows the importance of kindness, perseverance and compassion.”

“Four Diamonds is thrilled to officially launch this partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils," said Kristen Masengarb, director of Four Diamonds Mini-THON. "Mini-THON is a fun, high-energy experience that connects students to an important cause, helps them find their voice and teaches them how to create a culture in their school of helping others and giving back. Mini-THON is also an opportunity for lifelong learning, and it’s building the next generation of leaders and philanthropists. Our team offers a variety of resources to Mini-THON schools to help them host a successful event, and a Mini-THON liaison is assigned to each school to help guide them through the planning process.”

“PASC is very excited to be partnered with Four Diamonds so that we can help them expand their reach and fundraising, and so that we can enhance our mission of developing student leaders and improving school culture and climate,” said Felix Yerace, assistant executive director of PASC. “My own school has been hosting a Mini-THON for six years now, and the impact it has had on our school and community has been phenomenal. It is a wonderful example of student engagement and student voice in action, as well as a great project-based learning opportunity. We are really looking forward to working with Four Diamonds in this new relationship that will benefit many people.”

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Last Updated November 13, 2018