Explore Penn State's entrepreneurial system with Invent Penn State's Navigators

October 19, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Invent Penn State has created a family of tools to make IP discovery and entrepreneurship at Penn State more streamlined and accessible than ever. The Resource Navigator, Startup Navigator and IP Navigator help startups, entrepreneurs and industry partners quickly find what they need through a searchable showcase of Penn State entrepreneurial and innovation resources, Penn State technology available for licensing and startups with Penn State DNA.

Each of these tools are free to use and accessible to anyone regardless of their affiliation with Penn State or geographical locations. The navigators are available now at invent.psu.edu.

Resource Navigator: Startup funding, mentorship, maker spaces and more

The Resource Navigator is a searchable showcase of Entrepreneurship and innovation resources in Penn State communities across Pennsylvania. The Resource Navigator enables entrepreneurs and innovators to quickly navigate a database of more than 150 resources by filtering the results based on the individuals need and where they’re located. This is the navigator you want if you’re looking for coworking space, specialized tools or training, or access to funding. You can even submit resources to be added to the database to help future entrepreneurs on their journey. Find the resources you need at resourcenavigator.psu.edu.

IP Navigator: Discover technological advances from Penn State researchers

Penn State is one of the top research universities in the country, with an annual research budget of $863 million and advances in the fields of medicine, engineering and materials. The Intellectual Property Navigator showcases these technologies, which run the gamut from a chest splint for respiratory support for preterm newborns, to technology to quickly clean up oil spills, and even a bioabsorbable foam to treat intracavity and surface wounds. These technologies and more are available for licensing today at ipnavigator.psu.edu.

Startup Navigator: Find startups with Penn State DNA

Penn State has a rich history of entrepreneurship and startups and the Startup Navigator is a showcase of startups with that Penn State DNA. Did you know that OrderUp was founded by Penn State alums after they had launched a similar business in State College called LionMenus? How about that Accuweather, one of the largest weather forecasting companies in the world, was founded by a Penn State faculty member in 1962? You can learn about these and other Penn State startups by visiting startupnavigator.psu.edu. You can submit a startup for inclusion on the navigator here.

Last Updated October 22, 2018