College community reminded of importance of U.Ed. number on flyers

September 05, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — As the fall semester gets into full swing, the College of Education's Communications Office is reminding the college community about University editorial guidelines and the importance of a U.Ed. number on marketing and promotional materials.

U.Ed. numbers, established under the former University Editor Representative System, are used to denote publications and marketing materials that have been properly reviewed, written, designed and prepared, and approved for use by a member of the Marketing Communicators (MarCom) Network. The MarCom Network is established as an area of responsibility under the Office of Strategic Communications in line with Policy AD61 — University Marketing and Communications.

The MarCom Network facilitates engagement between the Department of University Marketing and Advertising and marketing communicators across the University. MarCom representatives (MarCom reps) are appointed by their chancellors, deans or senior administrators to make sure that marketing planning and practices are carried out in line with University policy and established guidelines. Appointments to the MarCom Network are targeted to staff that direct the marketing and branding function in their units. Annemarie Mountz, director of communications in the College of Education, is the MarCom rep for the college.

Only publications and marketing materials that have been approved by the MarCom rep or prepared by University Marketing and Advertising may receive a U.Ed. number.

MarCom reps review and assign U.Ed. numbers to all promotional publications and marketing materials that are produced by their units. This pertains to materials that are used to promote, inform or recruit, and are directed primarily to external audiences.

Publications and marketing materials that should have U.Ed. numbers (and the requisite reviews and approvals) include: all recruitment materials, brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, calendars, schedules of events, booklets, view books, invitations, annual reports, newsletters, magazines, etc.

If you are creating a flyer or other promotional material, there are some things you need to include before they can be distributed in print or electronically using College of Education resources, such as building bulletin boards or listserves.

  • Penn State College of Education mark. To get the graphic, click here and then click on the link to the College of Education. You will need to log in to Box using your Penn State access account information.
  • Legal statements: ADA alternative-format statement; statement of nondiscrimination; and sometimes ADA accommodation statement. These can be found here.
  • U.Ed. Number. You get this by sending your flyer or other promotional material to the college's communications office at so it may be reviewed to ensure it meets University policy (including the above bullets), and quality standards. Once it does, it will be assigned a U.Ed. number, which you need to incorporate into the flyer or other promotional material.

Materials excluded from U.Ed. numbers (no review or oversight by a MarCom rep required) include classroom instructional materials, scholarly journals, faculty papers, internal memorandum and forms.

For more detailed information about publication guidelines, visit Additional questions may be emailed to

Last Updated September 05, 2018