Campus Recreation adds Hip Hop, Tai Chi, Deep Flow Yoga, Bolly Fusion classes

August 31, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Campus Recreation is offering instructional classes this fall in Hip Hop, Tai Chi, Bolly Fusion, and Deep Flow Yoga. For those who like the group atmosphere but want more coaching and added benefits, FitWell offers these classes, which are progressive in nature and provide a better opportunity to build skills than a one-time class.

Classes are open to anyone with a Campus Recreation membership and are included in your membership for the first three weeks of the semester. After the three-week trial period, there is a registration fee to continue in these classes. Members who continue will benefit from lower instructor-to-student ratios, a reserved spot in a class, progressive results, personal attention, and familiar classmates.

"The first class is just going over the basic moves, the second class builds on what you learned in the first class, and by the end, you've really learned how to put it all together," said Jill E. Garrigan, assistant director of Campus Recreation for Fitness & Wellness. "The instructors all are professional instructors with certifications in the classes they teach. It's like taking a dance class at a real studio."

The registration fee is required for all classes starting Sept. 10.

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Last Updated September 11, 2018