New LionPATH class roster enhancements for faculty

August 17, 2018

Faculty will experience two new enhancements to the LionPATH class roster beginning this semester. Both are designed to improve the user experience and help keep faculty up-to-date with their class enrollments. 

The first enhancement is the addition of a “Late Dropped” indicator in the Status Note of a class roster. Previously, faculty did not know if a student had dropped a class until later in the semester when the grade roster was available. With this new enhancement, faculty will see a notation in the class roster, which is available at the beginning of the semester. 

The second enhancement fixes a formatting issue that occurred when a class roster was exported to an Excel file. Depending on the length of the information in each cell, sometimes an additional line was added during the export process. This made sorting or formatting the data very difficult. Now that this formatting issue has been addressed, faculty will be able to sort and format class rosters they export to Excel with more ease.

Both of these enhancements were based on input from a faculty focus group the LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization has created to better understand the needs of faculty and how they use the system. More enhancements will be coming as a result of this focus group. 

If faculty have a question about these new enhancements, they can submit a service requestand someone will contact them to help. 

LionPATH is the first enterprise system to be implemented by the Enterprise Project Management Office. The second enterprise system, WorkLion, the University’s human resource and payroll system launched in December 2017. The University’s third enterprise system, SIMBA, will replace the current IBIS system and is scheduled to launch in July 2020. 

Last Updated August 17, 2018