RA information sessions start Aug. 27

August 17, 2018

Resident Assistant (RA) applications are open for the 2018-19 academic year to interested students who meet the requirements.

Applicants must attend one of the mandatory information sessions. All information sessions will take place at 5 p.m. in 112 Borland Building on the following dates:

·      Monday, Aug. 27

·      Tuesday, Aug. 28

·      Wednesday, Aug. 29

·      Thursday, Aug. 30

·      Friday, Aug. 31

·      Tuesday, Sept. 4

·      Wednesday, Sept. 5

RAs have the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining a welcoming and safe environment, giving academic and personal counseling to their best ability and being a role model students can look to and trust.

Francesgladys Pulido, a senior in broadcast journalism and comparative literature, first became an RA the fall of her sophomore year after having positive experiences with her previous RAs and realizing her experience and knowledge put her at an advantage to help other students in succeeding.

Pulido says that once students take the leap into becoming an RA, they embark on a journey that comes with self-discovery and they become more connected to the university and its purpose.

In her time as an RA, Pulido realized her passion for higher education and student affairs. Pulido said she saw the career paths that were available to her and the ability to put into practice the skills she learned.

“My time as an RA made me realize that I have an ability to genuinely care for others and that alone has pushed me as a student leader, and has enabled me to build determination in connecting my fellow peers with resources that can help improve their time and student life experience here at Penn State,” Pulido said.

The advice Pulido has for students looking to become an RA is to be open to learning and to step outside of your comfort zone. To bring new perspectives to the table and to let your past experiences be lessons that can help student life at Penn State.

RA applicants must have a minimum 2.40 GPA and have completed 12 Penn State credits (AP and transfer credits do not count). All candidate’s student conduct history will also be evaluated prior to selection and placement and could inhibit selection and placement.

Residence Life is a unit of Penn State Student Affairs. For more information or to complete an application, visit the Residence Life website

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