Submit applications for Penn State ID2ID program by Aug. 31

August 14, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Instructional designers and learning design graduate students at Penn State are invited to apply for the 2018-19 Penn State ID2ID program. This is the local, Penn State companion to the international ID2ID program, and will match participants with a mentor, mentee, or buddy depending on their personal goals.

The Penn State ID2ID program:

  • Formally matches pairs of IDs so that participants can share their areas of expertise with each other and allow them to focus on improving areas where they are less knowledgeable.
  • Increases the communication among instructional designers outside of their reporting unit and creates an opportunity or participants to learn about the different roles IDs play depending on their reporting unit.
  • Provides an opportunity for participants to grow professionally by cultivating the expansion of their professional networks, enlarging their perspectives within the Penn State Learning Design Community, and increasing their expertise in the instructional design field.

The application process is open right now and available online at Any questions can be directed to program co-chairs Brett Bixler or Eileen Grodziak.

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Last Updated August 15, 2018