Trustees committee recommends design build team for West Campus parking garage

July 19, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – In an effort to prepare for and support future College of Engineering construction, a recommended appointment of Clayco Inc., of St. Louis, Missouri, as the design build team for the West Campus Parking Garage and roadway connections project at University Park was given the nod today (July 19). The Penn State Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning gave the initial go ahead, and the full Board will consider final approval of Clayco at its meeting on Friday, July 20.

With a master plan for the College of Engineering currently underway and the intention to eventually relocate a substantial portion of the college to new buildings on West Campus, it was determined the first step is a consolidation of existing surface parking lots into a new parking deck that can accommodate about 1,670 parking spots. The parking deck is expected to make up for the loss of surface parking in advance of future building projects. The project includes improvements to White Course Drive and an evaluation of a secondary access point to the future garage from the west, with considerations for the CATA bus stop. In addition, an existing storm water detention basin will be expanded.

Through a qualifications-based selection process, Clayco, Inc. was one of 10 firms to submit letters of interest and one of three teams to be selected for a final interview. The firm has extensive experience on similar projects, including the Centene Parking Garage in Clayton, Missouri, and the University of Chicago Medical Center West Campus Center for Care and Discovery Parking Garage in Chicago, Illinois. The siting and capacity of the facility will be verified by Clayco, Inc. in conjunction with the facilities master plan and traffic and parking study data, respectively.

Last Updated July 20, 2018