New tools for selecting the correct manager form in WorkLion

July 16, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Based on feedback from the HR community, on Monday, July 23, Penn State's Office of Human Resources is adding several resources to the WorkLion portal to help managers and their proxies choose the correct form when looking to change compensation, provide supplemental pay, provide a one-time payment, or change a job.

Within the manager tools menu in WorkLion, two new menu options — "Help Me Choose" and "Manager Form FAQs" — will be available.

The "Help Me Choose" option provides managers with a decision tree that will help them in choosing the correct form in the aforementioned scenarios. Alternatively, managers can use a guided questionnaire, at the end of which they will be provided with the correct form based on their responses.

Lastly, within the manager tools menu option, there is a "Manager Form FAQ." This provides answers to frequently asked questions about all manager forms.

Click here to see a sneak peek of how the "Help Me Choose" tool will look.

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    IMAGE: Penn State
Last Updated July 16, 2018