College Profile: Anita Bowes

June 29, 2018

Name: Anita Bowes

Title: Financial Coordinator

Department: Finance Office

Phone: 814-865-1660


Office address: 244 Chambers Building

Directory entry:

As a financial coordinator for the College of Education, Bowes provides support in all areas related to financial operations, including providing training in ERS, IBIS and EBUY for college staff. She manages the weekly gifts made to the college and disburses them to the appropriate departments, as well as oversees travel/cash advances and monitors settlements. She also reconciles p-cards, solves any issues or declines associated with the cards, and audits transactions. Bowes is the final approver on certain IBIS documents, ERS and EBUY purchases. She oversees the financial paperwork for all graduate appointments and enters salary distribution sheets into the pay and effort system for graduate assistants, faculty and staff. She also processes payroll transfers as necessary. In addition to her many other responsibilities, she manages the lost and found for the college and is a records management liaison for the finance office and the finance assistants.

  • Anita Bowes

    Anita Bowes

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