Everyone at University Park asked to conserve energy during high temperatures

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — With this afternoon’s (June 18) expected near-record temperatures and relative humidity, University Park's campus chilled water air-conditioning system is expected to be at capacity. This increases the possibility of a cooling curtailment action.

If a load curtailment action is required, some individuals may notice that their offices, classrooms and spaces will be a few degrees warmer than normal this afternoon. Curtailments may include changes to air conditioning systems serving noncritical spaces to the unoccupied cycle, and implementing a 4-degree temperature setback (75 degrees to 79 degrees) in occupied classrooms. Research and critical spaces will remain unchanged during the curtailment.

Everyone at University Park is asked to cooperate by turning off all unnecessary lighting, office equipment, coffee pots, etc. to reduce the campus air-conditioning load.


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Last Updated June 18, 2018