Department head co-authors book on natural sounds in National Parks

June 04, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Peter Newman, head of the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at Penn State, is co-author of the book, Natural Quiet and Natural Darkness: the “new” resources of the National Parks, released in June.

The anthology, published by the University Press of New England, presents and synthesizes important research that helps inform protection and management of natural quiet and natural darkness.

“Natural sounds and dark skies are an essential part of any national park. Increasing amounts of noise and light are having an impact on the ecology and experiences people have in parks. Can you imagine a world where it is hard to hear a babbling brook or the morning chorus of birds or where the night skies are so bright from cities that you cannot find the Big Dipper or Orion’s belt?  This book represents the growing body of work that documents these effects and suggests ways that park managers and other conservationists can tackle these issues to protect natural sounds and dark skies into the future,” Newman said.

Newman co-authored the book with Robert Manning of the University of Vermont, Jesse Barber of Boise State University, Christopher Monz of Utah State University, Jeffrey Hallo of Clemson University and Steven Lawson, director of Resource Systems Group’s practice in public lands planning and management.

  • Peter Newman sits near window
    IMAGE: Penn State

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