College of Engineering offers new study abroad program in Sweden

April 09, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Office of Global Engineering Engagement is offering a new study abroad program for Penn State College of Engineering students in Jönköping, Sweden.

The semester-long program, completed at Jönköping University, is available to sophomores and juniors who are studying architectural engineering, computer engineering, computer science, engineering science, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. Several courses are offered, including EMCH 212, ME 340 and MATSE 259, as well as numerous major and general electives.

At Jönköping University’s School of Engineering, one of Sweden’s leading educators in the field of engineering and a member of the CDIO Initiative, students will not only gain knowledge in engineering, but also skills in leadership, communication, management and sustainability — all of which are increasingly crucial in a high-tech, globalized world.

“Jönköping University is a great option for so many students who want to study abroad for a semester,” said Sara Kuhlman, coordinator of international experiences, Office of Global Engineering Engagement. “Academically, this is a great institution. The classrooms and lab space have all the necessary tools you’ll need to advance as an engineer. The university is also dedicated to making sure that your college experience goes beyond the classroom. The student union organizes different activities, including day and weekend trips, cultural days, movie nights, parties and more!”

There are many facets of the program that are unique. All students at the university are guaranteed housing in either dormitories or apartments. Courses are taught in the English language, and the classroom is a mix of Swedish students, international students and American students. Unlike most institutions, students at Jönköping University have an entire week dedicated to studying for final exams.

The tenth largest city in Sweden, Jönköping is similar in size to State College and is located 200 miles from Stockholm and 100 miles from Gothenburg. The university campus is located right in the heart of the city along Lake Vättern, with anything you need just a quick walking distance away.

Kuhlman, who spent a semester in Jönköping when she was in college, recalls, “I was able to experience a whole new culture, learn in a new way and saw classroom concepts play out in real time. I remember sitting by Lake Vättern studying for an exam, soaking in the warm Swedish sun at 9 p.m. Meeting with friends for a Fika (Swedish for 'coffee and conversation') was an everyday occurrence and traveling to other countries for the weekend was the norm.”

Kevin Houser, professor of architectural engineering and a strong advocate for students going and studying abroad, proposed the Jönköping, Sweden program. “It was study abroad that led me to getting engaged in the global community rather than just being embedded in my local community. While study abroad has immediate tangible benefits, like differentiating a resume and opening doors for entry-level employment, the real benefits run much deeper. Study abroad impels students to be more adaptable, better communicators, and better citizens — those are the outcomes that matter most.”

Applications are currently being accepted for the spring 2019 program (Jan. 14–June 2), with the following deadlines: First priority review is May 1, second priority review is July 15, and the final deadline to apply is Sep. 15. There are several advantages for those who apply by the priority deadlines, including scholarship and funding options, program availability and preparation time.

Students who are interested in learning more about the program can schedule time to meet with Kuhlman via Starfish.

Last Updated April 09, 2018