Office of Physical Plant conducting routine water safety, efficiency audits

April 09, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — In the coming days, officials from Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant will be working with a consultant to audit water systems in a number of buildings on the University Park campus. The effort will gather information about the quality of water as it travels across campus, from well to tap, and is part of Penn State’s long-term commitment to producing quality drinking water.

The work is being conducted a part of the University’s ongoing efforts to maintain best practices in the management of its water systems, focused on safety and efficient use of water across campus. Members of the campus community may see teams conducting the work and sampling water at various points in certain campus buildings.

Please direct any questions to Stephen E. Oskin, continuous commissioning engineer, at or 814-876-4715.

More about Penn State’s water systems

Penn State has been a recognized leader in research and application of water conservation practices for commercial buildings. Unlike many of its institutional colleagues, Penn State produces its own potable water supply for a majority of the buildings on the University Park campus. The University’s advanced water treatment plant is operated within the same guidelines required of public water systems in Pennsylvania and is compliant with all requirements of the federal and Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water acts.

Last Updated April 09, 2018