C-PAD announces Discovery Grant recipients and Innovators-in-Residence

February 15, 2018

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design (C-PAD), a partnership between the College of Arts and Architecture and Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT), announced its inaugural Discovery Grant recipients and Innovators-in-Residence. A list of the recipients is below.

The Discovery Grant program supports projects that catalyze new ideas in arts and design pedagogy. The Innovator-in-Residence program provides financial and programmatic support for teaching artists and scholars researching, assessing, and disseminating arts and design pedagogies in transdisciplinary communities with diverse audiences. Both programs support C-PAD’s mission of advancing arts and design pedagogies, research, and professional development applicable to teaching and learning in all disciplines.

As part of a tier-one research institution committed to innovative teaching and learning, C-PAD is proud to support the advancement of new pedagogy-based programs, events, and activities, said Ann Clements, C-PAD director and associate professor and graduate chair for Music Education.

“The incredible amount of innovative and transformative teaching occurring within the College of Arts and Architecture is remarkable and worth researching, celebrating and supporting,” said Clements. “These programs amplify innovative practices to have far-reaching implications across the University, including in STEM fields, and in K-12 schools and the community.”

The inaugural Discovery Grant recipients and Innovators-in-Residence represent academic programs across the College of Arts and Architecture. The positions are open to all faculty in the college through an application process available at cpad.psu.edu. The next round of funding will occur early in fall 2018. There is an Innovator-in-Residence position within the center that is open to faculty across the University who are interested in working in a dynamic arts-based environment. Information about this program and the application process can also be found on the center’s website.

Current Discovery Grant and Innovator-in-Residence projects range from a symposium celebrating painter and educator Robert Reed; to an African and hip-hop dance workshop for youth; to live art-song performances in middle and high school social studies and English classrooms.

"A quick glance at the roster of Discovery Grant recipients and Innovators-in-Residence, and the fascinating range of topics in which these faculty are engaged, makes abundantly clear the broad impact that C-PAD is having on the teaching and research culture of the college, and by extension of the University,” said Andrew Schulz, associate dean for research and faculty development in the College of Arts and Architecture. “I look forward to seeing, and celebrating, the outcomes of these various projects and initiatives."

For more information on C-PAD, visit cpad.psu.edu.

2017–18 Discovery Grant Recipients

  • Yasmine Abbas, assistant teaching professor of architecture
  • Michael Collins, assistant professor of art
  • Kikora Franklin, associate professor of dance
  • Jeanmarie Higgins, associate professor of theatre
  • Tom Lauerman, assistant professor of art
  • Stephen Mainzer, visiting assistant professor of landscape architecture
  • Amy Petrongelli, assistant teaching professor of music
  • Norman Spivey, professor of music

2017–19 Innovators-in-Residence

  • Cathy Braasch, assistant professor of architecture
  • Paul Chidester, associate professor of art
  • Ryan Russell, associate professor of graphic design
  • Raymond Sage, associate professor of music and musical theatre pedagogy
  • Chris Schulte, assistant professor of art education
Last Updated February 15, 2018