WorkLion training offers valuable insights for employees, graduate assistants

More than 7,500 Penn State employees, graduate assistants, and graduate fellows have completed the web-based training for WorkLion, the University’s new human resources and payroll technology. So far, these trainees represent 76 administrative areas across all of the University’s 24 campuses.

All University employees — including faculty, staff, technical service, wage, and student employees — as well as graduate assistants and graduate fellows, are encouraged to complete the online training before the launch of WorkLion on Dec. 10.

The components of WorkLion covered in the training are; Workday, the new HR and payroll system that includes time-tracking, payslips, benefits, and more; the HR knowledge base, a searchable digital library of relevant HR information; and inquiry management, a tool for asking HR and payroll questions. Another component of WorkLion is the Learning Resource Network, which hosts the on-demand training videos and other professional development opportunities.

“The trainings are tailored for employees and graduate assistants/fellows based on their roles in the WorkLion system, which ensures that learning is as relevant as possible,” said Kerrie Ferchalk, training lead for WorkLion.

Employees, graduate assistants, and graduate fellows can identify which training courses are most relevant for them by visiting the training section of the WorkLion support website and selecting the applicable learning path.

Ferchalk added, “We encourage employees to find the time to take the WorkLion training. It will not only teach them how to properly enter their time worked, vacation requests, and more, but it may also give them peace of mind seeing how WorkLion works before it launches.”

Last Updated November 30, 2017