Student receives scholarship to attend nursing conference

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — A Pennsylvania College of Technology nursing student was granted a scholarship to attend the annual conference of the Pennsylvania Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.

Janessa L. Kosmer, of Coal Township, was awarded the association’s Student Nurse Scholarship to PeriAnesthesia PRIDE, an event held near Pittsburgh in early October. Kosmer is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing and, having completed a clinical rotation in post-operative care, hopes to specialize in perianesthesia after graduation.

Perianesthesia nurses provide care for and monitor patients while they regain consciousness from anesthesia after surgery. Because, in rare cases, patients experience complications as they recover, nurses must be able and ready to handle medical emergencies at all times.

“I enjoy knowing that I am the person by their side during their scary or stressful journey,” Kosmer said.

Kosmer was the lone recipient of Scholarship to PeriAnesthesia PRIDE, which paid her registration fee to attend the conference.

“I was super excited about having the opportunity to go to this conference and interact with other medical professionals,” Kosmer said. “Throughout the conference, I learned about a wide variety of topics, (from) the ethics of nursing, all the way to listening to a speaker who talked about Alzheimer’s patients and shared her stories of working with them.”

She was nominated by Donnamarie Lovestrand, instructor of nursing, who is a member of the association.

The Pennsylvania Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses exists to promote excellence in patient care by supporting perianesthesia nurses through education, the exchange of knowledge, research, caring, and respect for the dignity and unique needs of the individual.

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Last Updated November 28, 2017