Percussion and mallet ensembles to perform chamber music

November 27, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Penn State Mallet Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble 1 will present their second concerts of the fall 2017 semester at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29, in 128 Music Building II.

This performance is unique for the ensembles because each piece is a chamber music composition written for small numbers of performers, and all performances will be unconducted. Soloists are Gage Kroljic, junior in music education and music performance; Christian Lopez, senior in music education; and Will Rothermel, sophomore. In addition, there will also be a special emphasis on works that feature the snare drum. The ensembles are coordinated and coached by Penn State percussion professor Dan C. Armstrong.

Admission is free. This concert is available on livestream at the Penn State School of Music.


Mallet Ensemble

Akadinda Trio - Emmanuel Séjourné

Clapping Music - Steve Reich

Halcyon Days - Nathan Daughtrey (Christian Lopez and Will Rothermel, marimba soloists)

Ave Maria - Franz Schubert, arranged by Ruth Jeanne

Percussion Ensemble I

Recital Duo - Dan Knipple (Stephen Fleming and Cody Gemmell, multiple percussion)

Just Two - Mitch Markovich (Trent Griffin and John Panza, snare drums)

Din - Andy Harnsberger

Catching Shadows - Ivan Trevino (Gage Kroljic, marimba soloist)

Air on the G String - Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by James L. Moore

The Mallet Ensemble performs music either written for or arranged for mallet-played keyboard percussion instruments and consists of three to eight players. Literature ranges from transcribed orchestral and chamber music to contemporary compositions written specifically for mallet ensemble. Enrollment is by audition with the conductor.

Percussion Ensemble I performs a variety of music written for four to 12 players, including contemporary music written for percussion as well as arrangements. Instrumentation includes all types of percussion, from familiar drums and cymbals to exotic items from around the world. Through participation, students learn the art of ensemble performing and augment their understanding of the role of percussion within the discipline of music. They also learn the skills of organization and cooperation through rehearsal and performance. The ensembles have appeared frequently at meetings of the Music Educators National Conference and the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. Enrollment is by audition with the conductor.


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