New endowments, scholarships and awards in the College of Education

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The following endowments, scholarships and awards were created recently in the College of Education. For information on how to make a gift, contact Simon Corby, director of Development and Alumni Relations, at or 814-863-2146.


Dr. Marcia Clarke-Yapi Memorial Award

Benefactor: Wanda Blanchett

Patricia Gannon Brosious Award in the College of Education

Benefactor: Patricia Brosious

William J. Condon Jr. and Kathryn Mitchell Condon Graduate Scholarship in the College of Education

Benefactor: William J. Condon III

David J. and Carolyn A. Dolbin Undergraduate Scholarship

Benefactors: David and Carolyn Dolbin

Joseph and Joline Harrington Scholarship

Benefactors: Joseph and Joline Harrington

Linda Verba-Hofman Trustee Scholarship in Education

Benefactors: Linda Verba-Hofman and Robert Hofman

John and Barbara Holder Undergraduate Scholarship in the College of Education

Benefactors: John and Barbara Holder

Pritchard Hudders Blue Band Scholarship in the College of Education

Benefactor: Shirley Hudders

Holbrook and Diane Hunt Program Endowment for STEM Education

Benefactors: Holbrook and Diane Hunt

Bridget and Geoffrey Lasda Endowment for the CEDAR Clinic

Benefactors: Bridget and Geoffrey Lasda

Ralph N. and Patricia P. Pacinelli Graduate Award in the College of Education

Benefactors: Ralph and Patricia Pacinelli

Dr. Barbara Marcus Perks Memorial Scholarship in Education

Benefactor: Barbara Perks

Marjorie Resta Young and Donald L. Young Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Marjorie and Donald Young

Annually Funded Scholarships and Awards

Allison Family Award

Benefactors: Robert and Barbara Allison

Dr. Pamela L. Francis Award in Education

Benefactor: Pamela Francis

Bill and Bunny Vitori Award in STEM Education

Benefactors: Bill and Bunny Vitori

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Last Updated November 06, 2017