Support Centre County through the Penn State United Way Campaign

October 24, 2017

For over 40 years, Penn State has designated Centre County United Way as the charity of choice. We run a campus-wide campaign that includes special events such as Trash to Treasure, Liberal Arts Office Olympics, Charity Stripe and many more. Each unit in the University system assigns staff and/or faculty members to manage their efforts and spread the United Way story to their co-workers and friends.

Penn Staters can also pledge their support for the 34 United Way partner agencies through payroll deduction. In past years, these pledges made up more than three-quarters of what was raised during the Penn State Campaign. They are the backbone of the campaign because the United Way can count on this flow of support month after month. This example of generosity and compassion for others is a model for the students who attend our University and live in our community. In fact, Penn State boasts the first Student United Way in the nation. This group of students supports the United Way partner agencies through service and fundraising efforts.

What we find so compelling about the Centre County United Way is their focus on education, income and health. They understand that we are all connected and interdependent. We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable and when we all enjoy an overall sense of health. However, that is not all … the money we donate stays in Centre County and is invested in proven programs that benefit the greater good. The United Way works to bring agencies together to solve complex issues in our community. They are about supporting more than a worthy cause. Together, these agencies help make our community a great place in which to live, work and raise families.

This year we hope to raise over $800,000, which is 44 percent of the overall campaign goal. Our campaign is off to a great start from special events and retiree contributions. In mid to late October we will kick-off the payroll deduction portion of our campaign, which allows donors to spread their gift across 12 months.

We are honored, as representatives of Penn State University, to carry on the tradition of supporting Centre County through the Penn State United Way Campaign. We are proud of the impact our faculty, staff and administration have made in our community through their volunteer time and financial contributions to the annual campaign. We are thankful for the work being done in Centre County to improve lives.

We Are!

— Eric Barron, president of Penn State, and Ann Crouter, dean of the College of Health and Human Development and chair of the 2017 Penn State United Way Campaign

Last Updated October 24, 2017