Student fee structure to change for fall 2017 semester

June 30, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Students will see a change to the way their fees are categorized and billed on the August student account statement, which will include their fall tuition. Instead of a Student Activities Fee and a Student Facilities Fee, students will see one combined fee called the Student Initiated Fee.

The Student Initiated Fee is calculated in the same way as the previously separate fees. Students pay a set amount based on the campus they are attending, as well as the number of credits in which they are enrolled.

The Student Initiated Fee supports student-centered activities, services, facilities and recreation to improve student life. Resources provided under the Student Initiated Fee vary by campus, but may include things such as access to recreation and fitness facilities, expanded counseling services, club and organization funding, cultural programs, lectures and music performances.

The change from two fees to one fee is part of a student effort to be more directly involved in the creation and allocation of student fees. Previously, the student fees were managed by separate groups and had varying levels of transparency and student control.

Beginning last spring, two new Student Fee Boards — one for University Park and one for the Commonwealth Campuses — now oversee the new fee and allocation process. The creation of these Student Fee Boards gives students more authority to determine how their fees will be allocated to support activities, facilities and resources that will have the greatest impact on student life. The transparency of the Student Fee Board system now allows students to see the breakdown of how their funds are being distributed.  

The Student Fee Boards are made up of a mix of voting and non-voting members, including members from the student governments. In addition, University administrative staff sit on the boards as non-voting members. The boards actively meet with students throughout the year and, early in the spring semester, the boards vote on the fee level for the following year.

Commonwealth Campus spending decisions continue to be managed by campus committees that include student representation.

The Student Initiated Fee has been set for 2017-18 academic year, pending approval from the Board of Trustees. For more information on the Student Initiated Fee or the Student Fee Boards, visit

Last Updated July 06, 2017