Board of Trustees approves new ARL energy and power test facility

May 05, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State’s Board of Trustees today (May 5) approved the design and funding for construction of a new $6 million addition to its energy testing facility in Benner Township, near the University Park campus. The Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) Energy Science and Power Systems Test Facility is scheduled to open in spring 2018. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer. 

The 8,000-square-foot building will enable ARL to consolidate preparation and test resources, and will be located next to an existing ARL test site off of Fox Hill Road. 

The building, which will feature concrete test cells, control rooms, specialty workshops, an assembly room, mezzanine and other features, will support ARL’s efforts to conduct research, development and systems engineering, including the development of energy and power systems for the U.S. Navy, NASA and other government agencies.

“Our faculty and staff members participate in research projects and forums that shape national policy on power and energy systems for underwater, atmospheric and space applications,” said Paul Sullivan, executive director of ARL. “This facility will help ARL to develop and test power and energy systems in support of our nation’s priorities.”

In addition, the facility will support the University’s research mission through the development of novel power systems that are both efficient and environmentally friendly, according to Angus Hendrick, head of ARL’s Energy Science and Power Systems Division.

The building design team was led by Hoffman Leakey Architects of Boalsburg. The facility will share water, sanitation, smoke evacuation and emergency power systems with the existing building, and power will be provided by an upgraded server transformer.

Established in 1945, ARL, a Department of Defense designated University Affiliated Research Center, supports national security, economic competitiveness and quality of life through education, scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Last Updated May 05, 2017