Penn State Harrisburg awards ceremony recognizes faculty and staff

April 24, 2017

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Penn State Harrisburg recognized outstanding employee contributions at the 2017 Faculty and Staff Recognition Program on March 30. Nominated by the college community and selected by various award committees, several faculty and staff members received awards.

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Award recipients included:

The ceremony also recognized faculty and staff who have completed 25 years of service to the University. They include: Steve Backels, Edward P. Dankanich, Richard M. Foxx, Lawrence P. Galgocy, Dawn Hamaty, Doris Lee, Glen A. Mazis, Melanie K. Morrison, Janet E. Reider, Robert D. Russell, Stephen P. Schappe, Arlon R. Schools, Girish H. Subramanian, Matthew Wilson and Lisa J. Zucconi.

Faculty and staff retirees who were also recognized included: Melvin Blumberg, Lewis A. Boahene, Simon J. Bronner, Robert W. Coffman, Kathryn A. Corbin, Gregory A. Crawford, Edward P. Dankanich, Eric P. Delozier, Richard M. Foxx, Carolyn J. Grasse-Bachman, Dorothy J. Guy, Donald R. Holtzman, Doris A. Hoose, Barbara C.  Hundertmark, Carolyn A. Julian, Karen S. Karnes, Jane B. Keat, Dorothy E. King, Margaret C. Lohman, Rosemarie R. Long, Jeffery S. Mace, Karl L. Martz, Marylouise F. Martz, Jerry L. Mc Dowell, Gail L. Newcomer, Steven A. Peterson, Sandra M. Reed, Robert D. Russell, Kathryn M. Schweitzer, Kevin J. Stoehr, Edward W. Taylor and Barbara A. Thompson.                      

Last Updated April 25, 2017