Acoustics students honored for exceptional research papers

April 11, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State's graduate program in acoustics recognized four students for their outstanding research papers during the annual acoustics awards luncheon held April 7 at the Nittany Lion Inn.

Victor Sparrow, director of the program, delivered welcome remarks and Anthony Atchley, senior associate dean in the College of Engineering, served as the keynote speaker.

Stephen Nichols received the Kenneth T. Simowitz Memorial Award, which recognizes superior work in one of the following areas: a written article published in a refereed journal; other scholarly work such as a film, patent, editorial or creative work; or a professional activity in the acoustics field.

Nichols' paper, "Global examination of the wind-dependence of very low frequency underwater ambient noise," was co-authored by David Bradley, senior scientist emeritus in Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory.

Three students received the Simowitz Memorial Citation Award, which recognizes students whose work appears in written proceedings of major conferences, who participate in special exhibits or poster sessions, and/or who present invited papers at technical meetings.

Peter A. Kerrian, was cited for his paper, "The problem of the noisy golf club," co-authored by Daniel Russell, professor of acoustics.

Martin Lawless was honored for his work, "Comparisons between room acoustics preferences of musicians and non-musicians regarding solo-instrument and orchestral motifs in auralizations," co-authored by Michelle Vigeant, assistant professor of acoustics and architectural engineering.

Trevor Stout was recognized for his paper, "Development of a simulation for supersonic aircraft signature propagation through turbulence," co-authored by Sparrow.

Kerrian, Lawless and Stout presented their work at the Acoustical Society of America Spring 2016 meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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