Heard on Campus: Andrew Grant-Thomas, co-director of EmbraceRace

March 09, 2017

"We still have a way to go to have a truly inclusive democracy and race is probably the most important piece of that. Race, or the way we deal with race, the way we negotiate race, which is too often poorly, is the single biggest reason we fall short of that promise. ... We are still very much a nation of individual groups or separate and distinct groups of people who are living very different realities and who interpret those realities in very different ways. That poses a serious obstacle to an inclusive and thriving multiracial democracy."

-- Andrew Grant-Thomas, co-director of EmbraceRace, speaking about "Making 'America' Possible: A Conversation About Building Community and Embracing Race," March 8 in the Greg Sutliff Auditorium of the Lewis Katz Building on Penn State's University Park campus. The Center for Education and Civil Rights presentation was co-sponsored by the Child Care Center at Hort Woods, the Bennett Family Center, and the Law and Education Alliance at Penn State.

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Last Updated May 17, 2017