Uju Anya publishes text on racialized identities in second language learning

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Uju Anya, assistant professor of second language learning in the Penn State College of Education, recently published "Racialized Identities in Second Language Learning: Speaking Blackness in Brazil," a new book on race and the African-American experience in second language learning.

The book centers around the identities and transformation of black college students in a study abroad program in Brazil. Anya said this is the first single-author volume on second language learning focusing on African-Americans as the primary subject. It details the history of blacks in foreign language study in the United States, and focuses on questions of identity in language learning. In addition to considerations of race, the text also addresses gender, sexuality, and social class as college students work through these issues while studying in a foreign country.

For more information about the book, visit www.routledge.com.

Last Updated March 08, 2017