Aliens Among Us: Inspiring stories of women who survived war and immigration

February 28, 2017

Dickinson Law will host a presentation on Aliens Among Us: A Q&A about immigration. 

The life of a refugee or immigrant is mysteriously hopeful yet filled with the anxiety of uncertainty. Anxious uncertainty also describes the angst communities feel as refugees and immigrants impact their norms. Shaped by the atrocities of a brutal civil war, three women will share their experiences as first- and second-generation immigrants from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 2, in the Apfelbaum Family Courtroom and Auditorium, Lewis Katz Hall, Carlisle. A question-and-answer session about immigration will follow.

Samantha Divine Jallah, 2014 Dickinson Law graduate and assistant counsel at Pennsylvania Department of Health, has over a decade of work experience in business and law. She is the founder of Liberian Awards, Inc., a nonprofit organization that recognizes Liberians excelling in the Diaspora and provides mentoring and scholarships to minority and immigrant students.

Marta Sanon, 2014 Dickinson Law graduate and a public interest lawyer dedicated to advancing educational access and equity. After graduating from Georgetown University and being the first in her family to earn a bachelor's degree, she returned to her hometown to teach literature and literacy in Naples, Florida. In addition to teaching high school students, Sanon directed the activities of the local College Reach Out Program, which assisted first generation students and their families navigate the college admissions process. Sanon currently serves as university legal counsel for Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She continues to exercise her love for social justice and legal jurisprudence by conducting training programs, publishing articles, and engaging in purposeful conversations with individuals committed to bettering their lives and the lives of those around them.

Jean Chernicoff is the child of a holocaust survivor and has taught at the Jewish Community Center of Harrisburg’s Early Learning Center for more than 20 years.

The event is free and open to the public.

  • Marta Sanon '14

    Marta Sanon ‘14 is a public interest lawyer dedicated to advancing educational access and equity.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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