Penn State partners with the Nutrition Habit Challenge

January 22, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State is partnering with the Nutrition Habit Challenge to help promote quality of life through health-related outreach in the community.

Faculty, staff and students at University Park are encouraged to participate in this community health initiative aimed at helping community members build strong nutrition habits.

Registration is now open at The 28-day challenge will begin Feb. 1, 2017. Participants set manageable challenges for themselves, such as replacing soda with water or including fruit with lunch every day, and track their success.

“This partnership aligns very well with the University’s Strategic Plan and our priority of enhancing health,” said Provost and Executive Vice President Nicholas Jones.

This specific strategic priority states that Penn State will build synergistic partnerships to influence population health. The partnership with the NHC is an example of the University’s engagement in the community to improve health-related challenges like childhood obesity and community health disparities.

“If even a small percentage of these people make meaningful, lasting change, it will have made a significant difference in the overall health of our community,” said Kym Burke, co-founder of the Nutrition Habit Challenge.

Now in its fourth year, the Nutrition Habit Challenge has grown from 720 Centre County participants in its first year to more than 3,300 participants and over 200 families.

All five Centre County school districts have partnered with the Nutrition Habit Challenge to promote nutritional awareness with their students, staff and families. Many private schools, local businesses, churches and civic organizations have also joined in the cause to help improve the health of their communities.

The Nutrition Habit Challenge gives communities a chance to join together and promote healthy living practices. Medical professionals, business leaders, teachers, and community members from all walks of life have joined together to promote the NHC simply because they believe in its mission.

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