Heard on Campus: Cornel West at the MLK Evening Celebration

January 20, 2017

"Any time I hear the name Martin Luther King Jr., it makes me shake and tremble, it makes me quiver and shiver, not because he’s a god or some deity, some flawless saint, rather because he’s a human being who decided to live a certain kind of life so deeply moving in courage and integrity, honesty, decency, willingness to serve, but always acknowledging — and this is what is so very important for us tonight — keep track of the fact that he’s not an isolated icon in a museum, but he’s part of a wave in a great ocean, of a vibrant tradition that it is up to the younger generation now to keep alive."

-- Cornel West, professor of philosophy and Christian practice at Union Theological Seminary and professor emeritus at Princeton University, spoke Jan. 20 in Schwab Auditorium for the 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration

Friday's Evening Celebration closed a week of MLK Commemoration activities that included a day of service, a talent showcase and a talk by an aide to King.


Last Updated January 22, 2017