Penn State President Eric Barron shares message in support of DACA

November 30, 2016

Last week, I signed a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) letter together with hundreds of university leaders from across the country urging business, religious and community leaders to call for DACA to be “upheld, continued and expanded.” We understand there are concerns both here at Penn State and across the country about potential changes to DACA, and the University will continue to follow this topic closely.

Penn State has an unwavering commitment to the education of all of our students. Signing this letter demonstrates our values of equal rights, access and freedom from discrimination, and we look to instill these beliefs in our students today, and for the future.

Every Penn State student has earned the right to be here through their academic achievements and hard work, and is free to express their opinions with equal protection. Many DACA beneficiaries are outstanding contributors not only to our university but also to our country. These individuals have pursued opportunities in countless areas including business, education, technology, medical and legal, and continue to make a positive economic and social impact on our society.

Penn State is a welcoming and inclusive university that strives to create an environment where everyone can teach, learn and live in safety and comfort.

Last Updated June 21, 2018