OPP prepares to say ‘bye, bye black birds’ to campus crows

November 09, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State's Office of Physical Plant (OPP) crow relocation program is set to begin on Nov. 14. OPP crews will be using pyrotechnic bangers and screamers to relocate the crows.

The noise-making activities will occur early in the evening, shortly after dusk and may continue for a few hours each night. Specific dates and locations will be determined based on crow roosting patterns and will occur only when needed. All relocation activities will be safely conducted by highly trained and experienced Physical Plant employees.

OPP plans to continue periodic crow harassment until the crows leave for the spring. Pressure washing of sidewalks will commence as soon as the first days of warmer weather arrive.

Last year approximately 3,000 migrating crows landed on the University Park campus, causing unsanitary and unpleasant conditions. The goal is to discourage this mass roosting and the accompanying sanitation problems. No crows are harmed by the relocation and harassment activities.

The campus community can report bothersome crow activity and campus sanitation concerns by contacting Susan Bedsworth at sjb5001@psu.edu or by calling 814-863-9620.

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Last Updated November 09, 2016