Penn State politics blog explores ‘research behind the race’

November 07, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — During the 2016 presidential election season, Penn State academics have turned their eyes — and their research — toward the ongoing race and the many topics that have made national headlines.

Penn State’s political blog — Election 2016: Research Behind the Race — collects research-based commentary and insight into many campaign-related topics all in one place. Blog posts explore the presidential election itself, the general state of U.S. politics, and timely topics such as the history of contested election results, Election Day apathy and the impact the election could have on scientific research.

Penn State has a wide range of faculty members and researchers who contribute to an open, public dialogue on important political issues across the state, nation and world. The views expressed on the site are not those of Penn State. Instead, the commentary and research are those uncovered by Penn State’s scholarly political experts. Visit to follow along.

Last Updated November 07, 2016