Blue & White Society, Lion Ambassadors keep tradition and spirit alive

September 15, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Two representatives from Penn State Alumni Association student organizations that focus on engaging future alumni offered insight into their groups during a presentation today (Sept. 15) to the Penn State Board of Trustees’ Outreach, Development and Community Relations Committee.

Blue & White Society (BWS) President Misha Demchuk, a senior majoring in science, highlighted for the committee the ways BWS has impacted student life as Penn State’s largest active student organization with more than 7,000 members. BWS supports societies at every campus— including World Campus—to promote pride, tradition, leadership and spirit at the University. Signature events include PS I (heart) U Week, Classical Coffeehouse, Rally in the Valley, and more. For more information, visit

Bennett Samuel, president of the Lion Ambassadors and a senior marketing major, offered insight into what it’s like leading “ordinary students with extraordinary pride.” As president, Samuel oversees a 15-member executive board and up to 150 students in the general membership. Lion Ambassadors serve as Penn State’s student alumni corps, communicating the University’s history, personality and traditions to other students, alumni, visitors and friends through tours, events and programs. Signature events include Be a Part from the Start, S-Zone at athletic events, and University-Wide Senior Sendoff. Known for their trademark backward walk, the Lion Ambassadors offer tours of campus to prospective and accepted students, as well as private special assignments. Learn more at

Both the Blue & White Society and Lion Ambassadors help serve the Alumni Association’s outreach mission of connecting alumni and students to meaningful Penn State experiences. Primary among that focus is engaging students as early as possible to help expose them to all facets of their Penn State community in a way that will motivate them to stay involved as they transition to alumni status.

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    The annual Blue & White Society bash.

    IMAGE: Penn State Alumni Association
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