Center for Language Science shares bilingualism, second-language research

By William Hessert
July 01, 2016

The Penn State Center for Language Science (CLS) is home to the first U.S. chapter of Bilingualism Matters, an international organization dedicated to sharing bilingualism research findings with the public to promote informed decisions about pedagogy, public policy and raising families in an increasingly global society.

Bilingualism Matters was founded by Antonella Sorace at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and now has 14 branches across Europe and the United States. According to CLS Assistant Director Frances Blanchette, the organization’s primary goal — sharing evidence-based research on bilingualism and second-language learning — fits squarely with the mission and research interests of the CLS.

“CLS hosts one of the largest groups in the United States pursuing research on bilingualism and second language learning,” Blanchette says. “Our work with Bilingualism Matters generates opportunities for us to communicate the most exciting and relevant findings to our local and national communities, and to foster dialogue between researchers and community members. When people share with us their questions and concerns about bilingualism and second language learning, this in turn shapes our own questions and helps us communicate our findings in a way that best serves our community.”

Bilingualism Matters@Penn State recently launched a newsletter that shares some of the most recent research findings on bilingualism, provides the latest language learning tips, and offers an assortment of other event listings and information. Anyone interested in reading the debut issue and subscribing to future issues can do so by visiting the Bilingualism Matters at Penn State website.

For additional information about CLS or Bilingualism Matters, please email Frances Blanchette at

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Last Updated July 28, 2017