Rizk honored with 2016 Hendrick Award for service to adult learners

April 22, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Daad Rizk, financial literacy manager for Outreach and Online Education at Penn State, has been honored with the 2016 Shirley Hendrick Award, presented by the Penn State Commission for Adult Learners for service to adult learners.

The Shirley Hendrick Award recognizes an administrator University-wide who has contributed to the success of Penn State’s efforts to serve adult learners. The award is named in memory of Shirley Hendrick (1936–2000), the first recipient, dean for continuing education in the Smeal College of Business, and inaugural chair of the Commission for Adult Learners, who advocated for continuing education.

Rizk recently launched a financial literacy program, MoneyCounts: A Financial Literacy Series, which delivers workshops and webinars aimed at addressing financial literacy issues such as budgeting, credits, debt management, student loans and repayment strategies. She also was instrumental in launching a financial literacy website, which was sponsored and funded by the Commission for Adult Learners.

The result of her work, a nominator said, is “a holistic platform for students, families, staff and even local residents to learn more about financial literacy to build long-term financial health.”

A nominator said Rizk gives students the tools to take charge of their finances so that they can focus on earning a college degree.

“Rizk is an advocate for adult learners, women’s rights and financial literacy education,” said a nominator. “She believes the success of a financial education movement is dependent on a social and cultural change of core attitudes, beliefs and behaviors toward money management.”

Last Updated April 25, 2016