East Halls to open time capsule, say farewell to The Big Onion

April 18, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Nostalgia will not be in short supply at Findlay Commons on May 2, as the contents of a recently discovered time capsule will be revealed and, later, students will say goodbye to The Big Onion, a longtime favorite campus eatery.

At 6 p.m., Conal Carr, director of Housing Operations, will open a time capsule that was discovered embedded in the cornerstone of Findlay Commons during renovations to East Halls.

“This discovery of another time capsule — this one in Findlay — was a surprise,” Carr said, referring to a time capsule that was found during summer 2014 renovations to South Halls. In contrast to the first time capsule, dated 1957, the Findlay time capsule is dated 1965.

“The 1960s were an exciting time on college campuses across the country, and we’re interested to see what items the students and administrators wanted to showcase for future generations,” Carr said. “We’re also very excited to involve more students in the unveiling of this capsule since it will take place during spring semester.”

Later in the evening, students will give a proper sendoff to The Big Onion, a campus eatery that renovations will eliminate. The Late Night Study Break/farewell party will include free snacks and soft drinks, as well as a DJ.

“We want to thank our students for putting up with all the construction that’s been going on all year,” said Brooke Jodon, food services manager at Findlay Commons.

“The Big Onion is a longtime favorite of both students and alumni,” said Jim Meinecke, residential dining coordinator for Food Services. “Chicken cosmos were a big deal, and a lot of students loved to watch the game and have pizza there. It’s been a place that alumni would come back to visit on football weekends. It’s connected with students and alumni since the 1990s, and we want to make sure we say a proper goodbye.”

Last Updated April 20, 2016