'This is Penn State' amplifies the Clown Nose Club's good vibes

May 26, 2016

The Clown Nose Club at Penn State is all about positive social risks -- being a little bold and a little silly to have a big impact. 

In the latest episode of "This is Penn State," we clown around with the Clown Nose Club, a student organization built on the philosophy that genuine positivity is wildly contagious. It's a Penn State movement that's garnered national media attention and inspired chapters at other schools. As for the nose, it's a "symbol of joy" as the club calls it, a chance to attract attention and build rapport with anyone who may show interest. 

"This is Penn State" is a web series offering a slice-of-life look at Penn State. To view past episodes, go to news.psu.edu/thisispennstate. 

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Last Updated June 14, 2016