Heard at Abington: Balancing success, values

March 17, 2016

"The hijab, more than anything, is about character. Not every girl wears it for the same reason. I wore it as a challenge to myself. I believed it would empower me. It forces you to be your most authentic version of yourself."

— Noor Tagouri, the first hijabi journalist on commercial television in the United States delivered a powerful message to Penn State Abington students about achieving goals while remaining true to their values. 

Noor Tagouri

Penn State Abington students from the Muslim Student Association and the SHE Club invited Noor Tagouri to discuss her work as a groundbreaking journalist and combating stereotypes.

IMAGE: Maria Narodetsky

Tagouri said her passion for storytelling stems from her desire to expose injustices and combat challenges facing women on a global scale.

"There are going to be people who agree with your message and what you have to say, but they aren't the people you want to talk to because they already get it," Tagouri said. "You are not only fighting for yourself or whatever your passions are, but you are doing it for the 10,000 people who came before you and who will come after you."

The Muslim Student Association sponsored Tagouri's Women's History Month visit along with SHE. SHE highlights women's and human rights issues and feminist activism at Abington.

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