Audience sherlocks to solve murder at New Kensington mystery dinner theatre

March 16, 2016

UPPER BURRELL, Pa. — Who vanquished Vinnie? That's what the sheiks and shebas will have to figure out at Penn State New Kensington's interactive murder mystery dinner theatre, "Mobsters, Molls and Marinara," at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 20, in the campus' Cafe 780.

Set in Chicago during the Roaring Twenties, the action revolves around Vinnie Vermicelli's speakeasy. When Vinnie is fitted for a Chicago overcoat, everyone is a suspect. Since the world’s most famous detectives, Charlie Chan, Harry Hoo and Inspector Clouseau, are not assigned to the case, the gumshoes in the audience will do some sleuthing to resolve the issue of “Who took Vinnie on a one-way ride?”

There is no lack of suspects. It seems that Vermicelli, the high pillow of the town, has the goods on everyone — grifters, shylocks, yeggs and dips. And they would like nothing better than to arrange the accommodations for Double V’s big sleep. The flappers and bimbos in the audience will have to know their onions before everything is jake and they can say, “Let’s blouse.”

The show is performed by the cast of Mystery's Most Wanted, a Pittsburgh-based comedy troupe that has been performing murder mystery dinner theatre in the region for 12 years. The troupe comprises five professional character actors who have strong improvisation skills. They write and perform the original material.

Tickets are free for students with ID, $10 for faculty and staff, and $20 for the general public. The price includes dinner and theatre.

To reserve your seat, contact Lauren Blum at 724-334-6063 or

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Glossary of 1920s Slang
Sherlocks — detectives
Sheik — A man with sex appeal
Sheba — A woman with sex appeal
Chicago Overcoat — coffin
Charlie Chan — Asian-American detective from Hawaii in 1930s and '40s films
Harry Hoo — A parody of Charlie Chan in the “Get Smart” TV show of the 60s
Inspector Jacques Clouseau — Bumbling French detective in the “Pink Panther” movies of the 60s and 70s
Gumshoe — detective
Sleuthing — investigate in the style of a detective
Big Sleep — death
High Pillow — person at the top
Grifter — con man
Shylock — loan shark
Yegg — safe cracker
Dip — pickpocket
Flapper — stylish, brash, young woman with short skirts and shorter hair
Bimbo — tough guy
Know One’s Onions — To know one’s business or what one is talking about
Jake — OK, as in, "Everything is Jake."
Let's Blouse — let’s blow this popsicle stand
Lauren Blum — student life coordinator at the campus

  • Dinner theatre troupe

    The Mystery's Most Wanted cast of "Mobsters, Molls and Marinara," a murder-mystery dinner theatre production April 20 at Penn State New Kensington. 

    IMAGE: Mysterys Most Wanted

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