Customers to see enhancements as renovated Berkey Creamery store reopens

February 19, 2016

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Improved foot-traffic flow and greater product selection are some of the enhancements customers will enjoy at the Penn State Berkey Creamery's newly refurbished retail store, which will reopen and resume regular business hours Feb. 20.

The store, located in the Rodney A. Erickson Food Science Building on Curtin Road, closed for renovations Dec. 23, disappointing many students, faculty, alumni and other dedicated fans accustomed to visiting the store for their regular fix of ice cream and other dairy products, sandwiches, snacks and coffee.

"Some people wondered why we needed to renovate so soon when we've been in this location for not even 10 years," said James Brown, the creamery's assistant manager. "However, the creamery is one of the highest-traffic locations on campus, and believe it or not, it was showing signs of wear and tear. Plus, during that time, we've learned more about how customers move through the space and what products they want to see and purchase."

As a result, Brown noted, while the renovations do not represent a complete makeover, they were designed to improve operational efficiency, traffic flow and product display and availability. "Our top priority — and our guiding principle as we planned and executed the renovations — was to enhance the overall customer experience," he said.

Creamery refurb - inside freezer

A contractor works inside the new freezers during the renovation of the Berkey Creamery.

IMAGE: Mike Houtz, College of Agricultural Sciences

Changes customers may notice include the following:

  • More freezer space, allowing for a greater selection of ice cream flavors available for purchase in half gallons.
  • Larger coolers that can hold a wider variety of milk and other beverages, cheese, yogurt and other refrigerated products.
  • Relocation of the fountain-beverage island, which improves efficiency and reduces congestion at the cashiers counter.
  • Improved traffic flow for customers waiting in line for scoops of ice cream.
  • Bright, new flooring and paint.
Creamery refurb - staff restocking

Berkey Creamery employees restock products in preparation for the creamery's reopening following a two-month renovation.

IMAGE: Mike Houtz, College of Agricultural Sciences

During the renovation and store closure, customers still were able buy ice cream, cheese and other products via the creamery's website, where visitors can find in-stock product offerings, shipping rates, creamery history — the facility celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015 — and other information.

"We'd like to thank all of our customers and friends for their patience and understanding these last two months," Brown said. "With the renovated retail store and our new website that launched last year, we feel we're well positioned to provide members of the Penn State community — wherever they are — with the high-quality products and service that they've come to expect over 150 years of creamery operations."


  • Creamery refurb - coolers & freezers

    The Berkey Creamery's new coolers and freezers increased capacity for product display by 50 percent and nearly 100 percent, respectively.

    IMAGE: Mike Houtz, College of Agricultural Sciences

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