Provost highlights Penn State's growing role on the global stage

November 20, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas Jones highlighted the University's strategic efforts to continue to strengthen its presence on the world stage during a meeting of the University's board of trustees Nov. 20.

Jones spoke about a "Global Penn State" -- a university that is evolving and growing substantially to meet demands for broader multicultural awareness and engagement, not only at all of Penn State’s campuses, but around the world as well. Jones discussed the critical nature of global engagement to the University now, and how much more important it inevitably will be in the coming years.

DOWNLOAD: Access the provost's presentation here.

"Penn State is an emerging global University that requires ongoing integration of international perspectives across the University community and in all components of the its mission. It’s a big, but important job," Jones said. "An enhanced focus on worldwide engagement through Global Penn State is vital to our work in the 21st century, providing a vehicle for Penn State’s impact to be extended beyond the Commonwealth to locations around the globe."

  • Nicholas Jones

    Penn State Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas Jones.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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