Campus traffic reminder for Nov. 21 Penn State-Michigan football game

November 20, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Transportation Services would like to remind Penn State faculty, staff, students and visitors of traffic changes for the home football game against Michigan on Saturday, Nov. 21, that will impact traffic flow on Park Avenue, as well as access to the East Parking Deck and other areas across campus. The game starts at noon at Beaver Stadium.

Park Avenue

For inbound football traffic, a one-way traffic pattern will go into effect on Park Avenue between Atherton Street and Beaver Stadium from 9 to 11:30 a.m., unless University Police determine a one-way pattern needs to be initiated sooner. A one-way traffic pattern means that roads near the stadium are either one way toward the stadium before the game or one way away from the stadium after the game. When a one-way pattern is initiated, there are very limited ways for vehicles that do not intend to go to the game to be rerouted. Anyone not attending the football game should avoid Park Avenue, if possible, during inbound and outbound football traffic.

Individuals not attending the game who have an emergency and are bound for Mount Nittany Medical Center should stop and speak to a traffic officer to receive a hospital hang tag.

East Parking Deck

Anyone accessing the East Parking Deck during inbound football traffic will be required to do so by turning right onto Bigler Road from Park Avenue. Access will not be available northbound from Curtin Road. 

All northbound traffic on Bigler Road will be diverted west on Eisenhower Road from Bigler Road. From there, motorists will need to proceed west on Eisenhower Road to Shortlidge Road, turn right on Shortlidge to Park Avenue, turn right onto Park Avenue, then proceed east to Bigler Road, turning right on Bigler Road to get to the East Parking Deck.

Motorists approaching from the east should follow College Avenue to Atherton Street, turn right on Atherton Street to Park Avenue, turn right on Park Avenue, then proceed east on Park Avenue (remaining in the right lane) to Bigler Road, turning right on Bigler Road to get to the East Parking Deck.

Motorists approaching from the north should use Atherton Street southbound to Park Avenue, turn left on Park Avenue (East Deck traffic must get into the right lane), proceed east on Park Avenue to Bigler Road, then turn right on Bigler Road to the East Parking Deck.

Reminders for fans

Each game-day parking permit has directions on the back that describe the appropriate access to that lot in the one-way pattern. Please follow these directions.

Display your parking permit before you enter the traffic pattern (as you enter Park Avenue, Fox Hollow Road or Porter Road, at the latest). The permit allows officers on the road to sort the traffic into the correct lanes to each lot. Follow the instructions of the officers on the street, and do not stop and ask questions, as that backs up traffic behind you.

Reminders for employees and students

Employees and students trying to reach points on campus for work or other activities are advised to avoid using Park Avenue, University Drive or Porter Road. These roadways will be controlled for football traffic and directed to football parking areas. University Police recommend using Atherton Street and College Avenue to reach campus.

Employees and students are also reminded that most areas on campus are regulated for football parking and display of a valid Penn State parking permit is required to avoid event parking fees. Parking areas near Beaver Stadium controlled by Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics require purchase and display of a game-day permit, while faculty/staff lots located west of Bigler Road will remain open to employee and student permit holders, space permitting.

Drivers are also reminded that all vehicles must be in a legal space. Vehicles parked on the roadways, curbside ends of rows, etc. are subject to receiving a parking violation. The Eisenhower, East, and Nittany parking decks are head-in parking only and vehicles backed into spaces in these facilities are subject to ticketing, as well. In addition, all space-specific signage, such as ADA, service, and reserved spaces, will remain in effect and will be strictly enforced.

Reminders for those not attending the game

If you are not attending Saturday’s football game, plan alternative routes to your destination, avoiding Atherton between College Avenue, Park Avenue, Porter Road and Fox Hollow Road south of Toftrees. Traveling a greater distance around game-day traffic will allow you to arrive faster.

If you have an emergency and are hospital-bound, stop to speak to the first traffic officer you encounter and receive a hospital hang tag. If you are traveling to University Park Airport, please consider traveling through Houserville and Rock Road.

Questions may be directed to the University Parking Office by phone at 814-865-1436 or by email at

Last Updated November 20, 2015