Heard on Campus: Penn State Laureate Carol Reardon

November 19, 2015

"War is fought on a number of different levels -- on the soldier's level, the general's level, etc. When nations go to war, it's whole peoples — everyone is involved. Everybody is involved, whether you choose to be or not."

-- Carol Reardon, the George Winfree Professor of American History and 2015-16 Penn State laureate, at the Penn State Forum Speaker Series on Nov. 19 at the Nittany Lion Inn, presenting "Listening to Lincoln: Or, What I Learned About War and Peace from the Gettysburg Address," on the 152nd anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

"Lincoln always remembered that every decision he made had impact on individual lives."

"Every year, a different phrase from the Gettysburg Address is pulled out. One of the things that has made a huge impression on me lately is that this year, we're hearing a different phrase picked out -- 'the unfinished work' -- especially given the events of the last year."

Last Updated November 19, 2015