Penn State Lehigh Valley to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov. 15-20

November 03, 2015

Penn State Lehigh Valley aims to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in its students. For the week of Nov. 15-20, the Lehigh Valley campus— along with all of Penn State — is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week.

From students who want to study abroad to business students interested in international project management, Penn State Lehigh Valley has a couple of events planned for aspiring student entrepreneurs, with one open to the public.

Noon to 1 p.m Monday, Nov. 16, Room 219, Penn State Lehigh Valley

Educators as Entrepreneurs

To teachers, the classroom is their world, but what happens when the world becomes their classroom? Education students are invited to hear different perspectives from a pre-service teacher and university administrator/educator about the entrepreneurial spirit that is awakened when an invitation to collaborate with a university abroad is accepted. A teacher's world and an entrepreneur's world collide and unique opportunities result!

Nancy Coco, director of corporate and community education at Penn State Lehigh Valley and director of the Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project, will present with Crystal Ball, an adult student earning a degree in early childhood education at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

7 to 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16, Room 302, Penn State Lehigh Valley

The Project that Never Sleeps: International Project Management

International project management requires a specific set of skills to ensure success when managing international projects that spread across borders and cultures. International project management is becoming increasingly important in today’s global business world where businesses are continuing to expand into new countries and markets, either to increase their market share or to reduce costs by utilizing more efficient resources of other countries.

Pamela Bender, Melanie Sanchez-Jones and Joseph Garofalo, who have a combined 80 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and project management, will be guest speakers for this event geared toward students enrolled in management, project management, supply chain and international business courses.

12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17, Room 135, Penn State Lehigh Valley

Global Etiquette

Kara Amoratis, international risk analyst and global operations coordinator for Penn State, will share her expertise in the practical and logistical risks and issues of international travel and global operations. Amoratis will present her perspective on safe and effective travel in the modern world. For students and local community members planning to study or travel abroad, Amoratis will review medical insurance, converting money, entry/exit fees, passport rules and legal issues abroad, among other topics. This event is open to students, parents and the general public. Lunch will be available to Penn State Lehigh Valley students, sponsored by SAF Funding.

Attend one or more of Penn State Global Entrepreneurship Week’s events and become part of an international entrepreneurship celebration with 150 countries, 24,000 partners and 34,000 events

To plan to attend one of the events, visit the Globald Entrepreneurship Week website. For more information, contact Diane McAloon at 610-285-5066 or

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    From students who want to study abroad to business students interested in international project management, Penn State Lehigh Valley is hosting events on campus for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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