Faculty and Staff News of Record: 25-Year Awards Oct. 30, 2015

Penn State recognizes employees who have completed 25 years of service. For the most recent listing of 25-Year Award recipients, go to http://news.psu.edu/tag/25-year-awards.

-- Nancy Burns, administrative support assistant, Penn State New Kensington

-- Lori Dixon, food service and production worker, Auxiliary and Business Services

-- Renata Engel, associate vice provost for online programs, Outreach and Online Education

-- Andrzej Gapinski, associate professor of engineering, Penn State Fayette

-- Kevin Harwell, business librarian, University Libraries

-- Patricia L. Hutchings, food preparer, Auxiliary and Business Services

-- Martha Jordan, director, Adult Learner Advocacy and Enrollment Services

-- Carolyn K. Lay, bakery assistant, Auxiliary and Business Services

-- Kimlyn Patishnok, senior director of administrative and financial services, University Libraries

-- Steve Savard, IT manager, Information Technology Services

-- Christine Selders, administrative support coordinator, Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics

-- Diane Shoop, research project manager, College of Liberal arts

-- Wendy Weaver, program analyst, Information Technology Services

-- Caroline Wermuth, outreach coordinator, University Libraries

-- Kathy Yakich, fast food worker, Auxiliary and Business Services

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