Security officers at Penn State Hershey to wear new police-style uniforms

August 13, 2015

On Sunday, Aug. 16, members of the Penn State Hershey Security Department will begin wearing a new uniform to present a more professional appearance and increase visibility on campus.

The traditional police-style uniform readily identifies security staff and, when required, is more appropriate for situations commanding control such as directing traffic, regulating behavior and providing a highly-visible presence to deter crime. The uniform is easily recognized by patients, visitors and staff who are seeking assistance, and provides a visible security presence on campus.

Security Department employees will wear a badge and a self-designed patch bearing the Penn State Nittany Lion that will be displayed on both sleeves of light blue uniform shirts. Security supervisors will remain dressed in business attire.

  • A Penn State Hershey Security officer stands next to a vehicle.

    Starting Aug. 16, all Penn State Hershey Security officers will wear uniforms like this one.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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Last Updated August 13, 2015