White Coat ceremony welcomes the medical student class of 2019

August 03, 2015

Members of this year’s entering medical student class of 2019 took their first step on their journey to becoming a physician on July 31 at Penn State College of Medicine’s 20th anniversary of the White Coat Ceremony at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center.

Each of the 149 students made their way across the stage to receive their coat from their respective society head. Seven students received their coats from their parents who are College of Medicine alumni. They were:

  • Adeline Answine, cloaked by Dr. Joseph Answine (’89, ‘93(RES))
  • Bradley Bailey, cloaked by Dr. John Bailey (’89, ’94 (RES))
  • Nathan Gish, cloaked by Dr. Robin Gish (’85)
  • Marian Poley, cloaked by Dr. Gerald Poley (’80)
  • Anna Scandinaro, cloaked by Dr. David Scandinaro (’81)
  • Jennifer Thaete, cloaked by Dr. Cynthia Britton (’83) and Dr. Frank Leland Thaete (’83)
  • Alyssa Vigliotti, cloaked by Dr. Kathy Selvaggi (’85) and Dr. Donald Vigliotti (’85)

When students where asked what inspired them to become a doctor:

  • Adeline Answine said, “As a child with type-one diabetes, I had a series of excellent endocrinologists. Though their scientific knowledge was excellent, it was their commitment to me as an individual, human being that left an impression with me. This compassionate, holistic care inspired me to pay it forward. I hope to be a physician that cares for more than a disease. I hope to be a physician that cares for human beings.”
  • Marian Poley said, “I was inspired to pursue medicine by my father; he is everything you think a physician should be and more. I grew up embracing challenges where both of my parents nurtured my love for science and humanities. It was that love for both that drove me forward to medical school, in order to serve my community and help it grow.”
  • Taylor Hanson said, “Through various experiences that I have had it became very important to me to help others live a better quality of life.  Working with patients every day I realized that I had the ability to do more. I chose to become a doctor as I believed it was the path where I could utilize my strengths to best help others.”

When students were asked what the white coat means to them:

  • Aaron Jacobs said, “The white coat is a symbol of pride, selflessness and devotion to our fellow man.  It is a shell that encases our hopes, our dreams and our desire to be our best.  When I don my white coat, I am continuing the legacy of the many great men and women who came before me.  I will wear this symbol with the utmost respect and carry on the importance it bears with dignity.”
  • Alexandra Petrie said, “The white coat allows me the privilege of serving others through the art of medicine. It represents a responsibility to treat patients holistically, caring for them and their whole story rather than merely seeing them as signs and symptoms. It means that I will never settle or be stagnant in my profession, but always be challenged by myself and my peers to promote better healing through lifelong learning and refinement."
  • Brian Sohl said, “As I put on this Penn State white coat, I feel honored to be afforded the opportunity and privilege to continue the long tradition of healing and altruism championed by all in this close-knit medical community. I chose this school because it felt like home, and my decision is supported and reaffirmed each and every day by the students, faculty, and staff I meet. This coat symbolizes I am now part of a truly amazing community of care, and I couldn't be happier.”

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