From cow to cone, 'This is Penn State' goes to the Creamery

September 24, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A lot goes into getting a bowl of Keeney Beany Chocolate from cow to cone.

This month, the "This is Penn State" crew is up before dawn and hair-net clad to offer the inside scoop on why Creamery ice cream is so tasty. 

Travis Edwards, dairy unit co-manager, and Tom Palchak, Creamery manager, offer the details on how hard work, lots of science and a commitment to freshness makes Berkey Creamery a Penn State treasure.

Recently, "This is Penn State" produced two shorts, offering closer looks at the Creamery staff's quest for the perfect scoop size and the multitude of factors affecting the Creamery's flavor offerings.

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