College of Communications faculty, staff plan downsizing day

July 07, 2015

Organizers of a first-ever downsizing and sustainability effort in the College of Communications expect it to be a dirty and noisy effort Wednesday, July 22.


They also expect “Toss it, Shred it, Trash it!” to be productive, and they’re excited about the possibilities.


“We hope to get a lot done and make a significant dent in built-up clutter,” said Jane Agnelly, financial officer and member of the Communications Records Management Team, which is sponsoring the inaugural event. “We’re committed to responsible records management, and think this can be the first of regular opportunities to take some meaningful steps toward ensuring we are in compliance with University records retention schedules. It’s also an event with a potentially significant sustainability impact.”


The committee in charge of the day envisions similar subsequent events during potentially slower times in the University’s academic calendar, perhaps around the Thanksgiving break and spring break. For this first event, College of Communications faculty and staff in Carnegie Building in the core of campus, in James Building in downtown State College and in two separate buildings at Innovation Park will focus on culling files -- both electronic and paper.


Jackie Esposito, University archivist and head of records management services, said the creativity and initiative behind “Toss it, Shred it, Trash it!” was important. She, the event organizers and others on campus know the practicality cannot be overlooked, either.


“Security events of the last six months have brought into focus how important it is to understand our data, where it is, how it should and can be shared, and how it should and be protected,” said Kevin Morooney, the University’s vice provost for information technology and chief information officer. “With the modern threats and the indisputable evidence that higher education is in the cross hairs of that modern threat, we must all take great care to understand our role in records management.”


Awards will be given to people who toss, shred or trash the most, and to those who delete the largest amount of unnecessary electronic files. Staff members from the college have worked closely with the Office of the Physical Plant and followed University records management protocol to format the day.  Additionally, communications faculty and staff are encouraged to dress casually and free pizza will be provided for all who participate. More information may be found at online.


“Deciding how to handle records and files isn’t a decision without consequences -- so I’m grateful for the University’s guidance on best practices,” said Dean Marie Hardin of the College of Communications. “It’s also great to know we have a schedule in place so we don’t have to make arbitrary decisions about what we keep or toss -- we can follow the guidelines and put our energy on the work of the college.”

Last Updated August 26, 2015